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Nigeria's Social Voting Space

Find voters, candidates, and support groups that share your interests. You can chat with your elected officials and local representatives, or simply post articles that talks about issues you care about. Make your voice heard.

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Democratic Election


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Build your campaign, engage your voters...

On Nigeria's most powerful social voting platform.

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The Most Awaited

e-campaign & social voting platform is born!

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Democratic Election


A place where politicians, elected officials, election observers, journalists, interest groups, and millions of voters gather to discuss the future of the nation.

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Democratic Election

What's it

all about? is Nigeria's online campaign technology that offers public servants and citizens the opportunities to stay connected. It is a complete online campaign destination for voters, politicians, the congress, activists, and anyone seeking public offices.

MyVoting Space .com was founded in 2013 for the purpose of providing ALL NIGERIANS with the necessary information vital to making smart, well-informed decisions in order to elect representatives who have our best interests.

More features underway! In the meantime, enjoy yourself, help spread the sound of freedom.


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Olanre Francis

Party affiliation: Independent.

Democratic Election


You've got the power to decide who to vote for!

Connect directly with voters, candidates, and elected officials. Create or join a political party of your choice, and start posting your thoughts and photos.

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Featured candidates

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Presidential candidate of the People's Progressive Party, APC

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Presidential candidate of the Peoples Demotratc Pary ,PDP

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Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, LP










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Political campaign

join the conversation

Elections Ahead
Presidential election 2016

2023 general elections

on the issue

A look at what Nigerians heading to the poll want from their elected officials

poverty / hunger

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Your Decision. Your Vote.

Having a hard time figuring out where the candidates stand on key issues, such as economy and security? Before voting in 2011, use our comprehensive voters' guide to find out the candidates’ positions in their own words — along with our readers'position on the issues. You can also create your own personal voting space to take recruit, organize and support your candidate. Click on the link below to get started:

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Hear from the Pundits.

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Find A Party

Join a political group of your choice. Can't find one, create your own group.


make a noise with your T-s

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peoples democratic party

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all progressive congress

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My Stand on the issues

My promises to Nigerians

Why you should vote for me.




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Who. Will. You. Vote. For? ✅ 😀

Enter Our Realm Of Election Races and Waking Up To The Truth.

Before you step into a voting booth, seize the opportunity to learn more about candidates, incumbents, and all the issues important to you in each election race!

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Follow your candidates, Connect with voters!

Send instant messages to candidates in just a few easy steps. Create Town Hall event list to everyone across the group political spectrum.

Get off your couch, show up & speak out.

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labor party


all progressive party

peoples democratic party



labor party


labor party


labor party


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